Come on Mr. President

Our president spoke eloquent words about how religious freedom would be protected in his administration. As Catholics we are starting to see that these words are not being followed by actions; it seems Catholic institutions may be legally forced in the near future to provide services that we morally stand against this is not religious freedom. This is not a[…]

Christ the King

This weekend is the Solemnity of Christ the King, the last weekend before we begin a new liturgical year next weekend with the 1st Sunday of Advent. CCM Wanted to share a pic for your reflection and devotion on Christ the King.

A New Catholic App

  A new Catholic app is available for the iPhone – its called Ignio. This app you can track and monitor your spiritual progress by logging in your spiritual activity for that day. Read more about the app here.

Eric Elgin

Well not only is Eric Elgin the president of CCM and a good soccer player, but apparently he is also pretty smart. Eric was named to the MAAC All-Academic team – take a look at the posting from Rider here.

Facebook – yay or nay?

Just came across a great article on the merits of facebook – but also some of the drawbacks of the facebook revolution – take a look here.

Money, Money, Money

Well college students we know you don’t have much money so its important how you deal with the money you have, including loans. Came across this article about college students and money – take a look here.

Mighty Macs

So another good movie seems to be in theaters – Mighty Macs. It’s about a Catholic women’s basketball team from Immaculate University and their winning team.  


The human person is capable of so much, even in the most difficult circumstances.


This past week some Rider students went and saw Courageous at the movie theaters – well it turns out the movie is doing pretty well in theaters – read more here.

Ohhh Twitter

One of our students came across this pic and its so funny and true we had to post. We are thinking of making this the quote on CCM t-shirt – let us know what you think (you can comment on these blog posts)..